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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Down and Dirty Thursday Three

From Possumblog, its Thursday Three time again. Here's Terry-
Okay, no time for long-windedness and literary flourishes--answer these questions, NOW! GO! RUN! Get your keyboard and leave a comment or a link to your blog.
1. What are you supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW? (Aside from answering these questions, of course.)
I probably should be working on yet another series of PowerPoint charts for a simple program to update several Technical Orders to include some upgraded software for a countermeasure set. There's no particular rush though because the redlined Technical Orders haven't been received from the responsible organization and that same organization hasn't even made available the previous software update. I don't have to do very much, really, except go through the hoops of briefing the contract methods and configuration changes, then implementing the documents that get the contracts underway to make the changes to the books. Pretty boring stuff actually.
2. How long is it going to take you?
How long? Lessee, the charts will take a couple days to actually create. Then I wait on several other people to fulfill their obligations- that might be several weeks. Two different days to brief the charts, then a couple more days to get the [electronic] paperwork accomplished and finally, a couple more days of waiting on the Contracting office to do their magic. When will my involvement in this particular effort be complete? Summertime probably.
3. What do you have to do after that?
I'll have to follow up on a couple other programs that are plodding along to make sure there's no snags that are going to pop up while I'm gone next week. Its also Lunch With Mellisa day, Later I have to take Son Noah's laptop to a guy for a tuneup/repair and tonight is guitar class. I also have a draft post that maybe I'll get finished today.

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